WoD for January 4th, 2013

Group: 2 X 20’ Walk the Plank

Sweet! I mean sweat, CF Dynamo style!

Review: KB Cleans

Strength: KB Cleans 5 X 5 (AHAP) As Heavy As Possible (5 each arm)

WoD: For Time (Cap at 15 minutes)
200 Sit-ups
EMOM, including the first minute, do 15 Double Unders (30 singles) Unbroken

Score = Time or Number of Sit-ups completed

MOB: Roll Calves / Shoulders

Coach’s Tip: Make sure heading into your DUs/Singles that your brain is focused on the task at hand. If you mess up the 15 DUs, you’ll have to start from 0 again.

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