WoD for March 18th, 2014

Group: Agility Ladder

Skill: MU Progression

WoD: 9 – 7 – 5

Burpee Muscle Ups A+) Burpee Bar Muscle Ups A) Burpee 3xPullups/3x Ring Dips b) Burpee 3x Banded Pull-ups/ 3x Ring Dips
T2B a) KTE b) High Knees

Notes: A scale: do your burpee and then 3 pull-ups/ring dips as you like before doing the next burpee
B scale: Do ½ the burpees and then the corresponding aided pull-ups and ring-dips. So, if you do 5 burpees, do 15 pull-ups/15 ring dips before going back to the burpees.

MOB: Roll Posterior and Lats / Stretch Abs

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