WoD for March 21st, 2013

Warm-up: As needed. Pair off to participant and Judge for each heat. Change positions as participant and judge between heats. First heat goes at 15 minutes past class start time.

Review Proper ROM: WBS, DU, MU

Wall Balls: Squat must be hip crease below knee. Ball must touch ABOVE your target. If you drop the wall ball, it must come to a complete stop on the ground before you can pick it up again.

DUs: Rope must past twice under one jump in a forward motion. Do not count attempts where the rope doesn’t get clearly under the feet cleanly.

MU: Ensure full extension at bottom of rep and that the dip at the top is locked out for each rep.

Pull-up: Rep start at the bottom of the movement with arms extended. Chin must break the plane of the bar but
doesn’t have to be necessarily over it.

WoD: CrossFit Open WoD 13.3 12’ AMRAP of

150 Wall Balls Shots to 10’/9’ (20#/14#) CF Dynamo Cup) 14#/12# c) <=12#/10#
90 DUs CF Dynamo Cup) 270 Singles c) 90 Singles
30 Muscle Ups CF Dynamo Cup) 90 Pull-ups (no bands) c) 30 Pull-ups (w/bands as necessary)

Score = total number of reps. E.g. If athletes gets 150 WBS and 270 Singles done and 3 Pull-ups, there score would be 150 + 270/3 + 3/3 = 150 + 90 + 1 = 241.

Judges: Mark time elapsed after finishing Wall Balls, Jump Ropes, and Muscle Ups/Pull-ups

For complete info go here ->  http://crossfit-games.edgesuite.net/sites/default/files/Open2013_13-3InstructionsStandardsScorecard_130320-1450.pdf


MOB: Roll Quads / Lax Shoulders

Coach’s Tip: Pace the Wall Balls early so that you have time and energy left to do the DUs. I also break these up into manageable sets. Then, hit the MU with everything you’ve got!

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