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WoD for May 19th, 2015

Group: Zombies
Butt Kickers
Side Shuffles
10 Bird Dogs
10 Scorpions

Strength: 20’ to find 1RM Deadlift

WoD: 4 RFT

5 row pulls at or under Sub 1:30/1:40 per avg 500m Row a) 1:40/1:50 b) 1:50/2:00 (to count, a pull must end with the computer at or under the designated average. Note: It doesn’t have to start there, just finish with it registering at the designated average.)

2 Rope Climbs a/b) 6 Rope Progressions c) 2 Rope Progressions

15 Box Jumps a/b) Step ups

MOB: Roll Posterior Chain and Lats / Mash Achilles

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