WoD for May 24th, 2013

Group: Burgener (Squat Clean)

Strength 20’ to Find 1RM Squat Clean

WoD: 2013 Regional’s WoD #7 (scaled)  4 Rounds For time:
2 Rope Climbs a/b) 6 Rope Progressions c) 2 Rope Progression
3 Shuttles (33ft long, or 5 ½ mats)
4 Cleans (squat) (175 / 120) a) 145 / 100 b) 115 / 80 c) <80
3 Shuttles (33ft long, or 5 ½ mats)

MOB: Roll Posterior Chain

Coach’s Tip: If you can’t quite get a squat clean, it’ll be OK during the WOD to do a power clean and then a front squat for each squat clean.  I’d like the squat clean heavy’ish, so use 75-80% of the you 1RM squat clean for the WoD.

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