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WoD for November 21st, 2014

Group: By 15 minutes past the hour (along with your normal warm-up):
30 second Handstand Hold
5 Strict Pull-ups in an L-sit position , else 5 lightly banded pull-ups (should be moderately difficult)
Shoulder stretches

Skill: Work on your Rope Climb footwork

WoD: For Time (15 Minute Cap) Complete the following task:

40 HSPUs a) 20 Wall Walks b) 40 Banded HSPUs c) 40 Box HSPUs

With a frustration EMOM of:
Even Minutes: Complete 3 Deck Squats before continuing HSPUs a/b) 5 Air Squats
Odd Minutes Complete 1 Rope Climb before continuing HSPUs a/b) 3 Rope Progressions c) 1 Rope Progression

Score = Total time it takes to complete the HSPUs

MOB: Roll Posterior Chain / Lax Shoulders

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