WoD for July 11th, 2016

Group: 3 in 3
Air Squats

Strength: 12’ to find 3RM Strict Press (anything over 90% of the 1RM = Ring the Bell!)

MOB: Hip Openers (Coach’s discretion)

WoD:“Bring Sally Up”

Air Squat

Squat Down when the song says to. Stand up when the song says to.

Bar weight: 115/80 a) 105/75 b) 95/65 c)

5 minute break

Push-ups a/b) From knees or wormy

Note: the bottom position for the push-up is not chest on the ground, but just above keeping tension in the chest and arms

Score = Completed reps (stood up / pushed up) in time with the song. Once you miss and up or down, stop counting, but keep the bar on your back, if you’d like to continue!

MOB: 2′ each side Screaming Pigeons / Lax to chest/shoulder insert

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