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WoD for July 19th, 2017

Group: Bergener Warm-up (Squat Clean)

Strength: 10’ to set up and warm-up lifts (both heats)

WoD: “Baby Linda” 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Time Cap: 15 minutes, so choose weights correctly for it

Go in heats so that you have a spot for the bench press

Deadlift: 1 1/2 body weight (bw) a) bw b) .75*bw
Bench press: body weight a) .75 * bw b) .5*bw
Squat Clean: 3/4 body weight a) .5*bw b) .25*bw

Score = time finished or reps completed.

MOB: Roll Posterior Chain / Quads, Lax Pecs

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