WoD for July 1st, 2016

MOB: 4’ Hip Openers (changing every 30 seconds)
MOB: 2’ Using Bands to promote full extension/flexion of hip

Group: Review the 3 squats (as a circle): Front, Back, and OHS

WoD: 14’ EMOM

Bar starts on the floor at the beginning of each minute:
2 Front Squats
3 Back Squats
1 OH Squat

Score = Completed rounds * Load for that round

Coach’s Notes: Time to get your strength along with your squat booty! Get ready to go low today!  This is probably a good one to load your bar so that you can de-load it quickly between sets, if need be.  84 weighted squats is no joke!

MOB: Screaming Pigeons (2-3’ per leg) / Lax Shoulders

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