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WoD for July 26th, 2017

Group: Warm-up movements

MOB: Wrists and Shoulders

WoD: 14’ EMOM

Odd Minutes: 7/5cal AAB  Comp  10/8 cal AAB

Even Minutes 7 Unbroken Thrusters (cluster on first OK)

Score = Thruster load for the 8 rounds added together. Can change weight on the bar as needed between rounds.

Notes: First Minute, do 7/5 AAB calories and rest the rest of the minute. Second Minute, do 7 thrusters without putting the bar down. If you’re able to finish, the load on the bar is your score for the round. Add up your loads from the successful rounds for your final score

MOB: Roll Quads / Lax Shoulders

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