WoD for June 9th, 2016

Group: 3 in 3
In Place Lunge
HR Push-ups

Strength: 15’ to find a 3RM Push Press (Dip/drive)

WoD: 14’ AMRAP

25’ OH Lunge (45/25) a) 35/15 b) 25/10 c) walking lunge Comp) 70/50 Bar or Axle
15 HR Push-ups a/b) Wormy or from knees
25’ OH Lunge
20 Abmat Sit-ups Comp) 10 GHDs

Coach’s Notes: Go out too fast on this one and it will smoke you. Try making sure you’re body is prepared to do the lunges unbroken. Break the push-ups into manageable pieces and keep the sit-ups moving!

MOB: Lax Glues, Shoulders, Pecs

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