WoD for May 12th, 2017

Group: Agility Drill

Review: Proper Bench Press technique

Strength: Warm-up Bench Press

WoD: 4 Rounds of:

In Teams of 2, one works while the other rests/spots.

In 3 minutes, complete:

400m Run or 500/450m Row (alternate between rounds so that you can 2 runs and 2 rows in)

Body weight(BW)/.75 BW Bench Presses a) .75/.5 BW Bench Press b) .5/.25 BW Bench Press
Rest 3.5 Minutes

Score = Total number of unaided bench presses

Coach’s Notes: Set timer to 3 minutes of work, 30 seconds of rest for 8 cycles….

MOB: Roll Posterior / Lax Pecs / Mash triceps

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