WoD for May 31st, 2016

Group: Zombies
Butt Kickers
Side to sides
10 Bird Dogs
10 Scorpions

Do WoD 1 (if you didn’t do Murph), WoD 2, if you did

WoD 1
Strength: 15’ to do 3 x 3 Deadlift (Deadlift working sets should be 80-90% of your 1RM)
WoD: 8 to 1 Inverse Ladder for Time*
Deadlifts (225/155) a) 185/135 b) 155/110 c) <= 110
Alternating Sledgehammers (L+R=1)
Do 8 Deadlifts then do 1 set of Alternating Sledgehammers. Then, do 7 Deadlifts and 2 Alternating Sledgehammers. Finish with 1 Deadlift and 8 Alternating Sledgehammers.
*Every minute on the minute, stop what you’re doing and give 5 burpees.
Coach’s Tip: You’ll be doing 36 of each movement, so choose wisely your weights. Would like this WoD done in 12 minutes or less.
WoD 2
15′ Mobility
– Lax to Plantar
– 2′ Scream Pigeons each side.
Roll Posterior
Quad bar mash (yes, I’m serious)
Lax to Glutes
WoD: Untimed
1000m row at a pace you can talk
then, 3 RFT
10 Air Squats (low and slow’ish)
10 Ring Push-ups at a 45 Degree angle (get a good stretch, but elbows remain in)
10 Ring Rows at a 45 Degree angle (just enough to let the lats know you care, but not too hard)

MOB: Roll Posterior Chain, Quads, Lats / Lax Shoulders and Pecs

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