WoD for May 4th, 2019

All Movements / Seagulls Earworm

5′ to work on Skywalker Handstand Holds (one-armed optional) – use the force to stack pebbles or raise an X-Wing, if you want whilst inverted.

Group Warm-up
Set up/Warm -up Movements

Daily WoD

In teams of 2 or 3, complete the following, one teammate working at a time except as noted:

100m Yoda (piggy back) carry
75 “Use The Force” HR Push-ups
12 Millenium Falcon Kessel (shuttle) Run Burden Carries
50 Jabba The Hut Choke Ring Rows
40″ Accumulated Darth Vader Dumbbell Choke Holds (50/35)
30 “Attack of the Clones” Synchronous Goblet squats (1.5/1.0pd)
100m Yoda (piggy back) carry
4 Death Star (atlas stone) Cleans HAP, but with perfect technique


HRPU: to practice force pushing the Earth away from you
Why 12? Because Parsecs, that’s why 12!
Ring Rows: Did you see Leia’s lats during that scene? ‘Nough said. B/c I know you saw everything else.
Choke holds: Don’t let your lack of faith be disturbing, like Admiral Motti’s!
Squats: B/c Stormtroopers doing everything the same and together: eat, sleep, mis-aim, etc…

Roll it all!

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