WoD for November 16th, 2017

Group Warm-up
3 rounds
200m easy jog
20 leg swings (each leg)
10 Tempo OHS w/PVC (3-1-1-1)

Overhead Squat
1-2-3-4-5 etc ladder
Find a heavy weight to start on, compete one rep, then 2, 3 so on & so forth until failure.
Athletes should be getting to no more than 8 reps, otherwise they have gone too light

*Rest 2 mins between

Score = Number of total reps of OHS * Load

Coach’s Notes
Try to be aggressive on the weight of the OHS you start with. We’d like you to stay with the weight for the entire cycle.

Daily WoD
21-15-9 THRUSTERS / T2B
21,15,9 reps:
Thrusters 95/65lbs a) 75/55 b_ 55/35
T2B a/b) High knees

Roll Quads
Lax Shoulders

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