WoD for October 5th, 2018

Group Warm-up
3 in 3
Handstand Hold
In Place lung
Jumping Jacks

Daily WoD
30 DUs a/b) 90 Singles
Rd x 2 4″ Deficit HSPU a) Standard HSPU b) work with your coach to find a suitable scale (box, downward dog, etc…)
20 Alternating In-place Lunge (L+R=2)

So Round 1, do 2 HSPU. Round 2, do 4. The other movements stay constant.

Cash Out
20 Dragon Sit-ups w/partner. Facing each other, but on long mat away from each other, “toss” (with a bounce is recommended) a light’ish medball between each other as you do sit ups. Each partner should do 20 weighted Dragon sit-ups

Lax Shoulders
Roll Posterior
Lax Glutes

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