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Zombie Apocalypse WoD for October 25th, 2014

Warm up: 3 in 3
Light KBS
Jumping Jacks
Partner Weighted Sit-ups

Humans will have a 5 minute head start. Humans that get “caught” (having zombies finish before them) and zombies that don’t catch anyone will have penalty burpees to do at the end of the WoD! So don’t get caught or don’t get left behind!

WoD: For fun (errr, time)  In teams of 1 or 2

400m Run a/b) 500m Row c) 250m Row
30 Pull-ups a) Light Bands b) Heavier Bands c) Ring rows
50 Push-ups a) Knees b) Wormy c) Wormy knees
1 Sled Pull to far curb and back (65/45)
100 DUs a/b) 300 Singles c) 50 Singles
30 Burpees
50 KBS (1.5/1.0 pd) a) 1.0/.75 b) .75/.5pd c) <= .5/.25pd
1 Sled Pull to far curb and back (65/45)
800m Run a/b) 1000m row c) 500m Row

MOB: Roll Posterior Chain and IT Bands / Lax Shoulders and Chest

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