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The 24 in 24 – A Charity Event Supporting Rally Foundation’s Children’s Cancer Treatment


24in24FlyerWhat:  The 24 in 24 is a unique event of one CrossFit workout every hour, on the hour, for a day.  It benefits the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research. Go here for a list of the event’s workouts.

Why:  Childhood cancer treatments are grossly underfunded by the federal government with only 4% of the National Institutes of Health’s budget earmarked for childhood cancer, and that’s over ALL their different forms of cancer.  Many children are treated with solutions from 30 years ago, which can be quite invasive to their forming bodies.  If they are fortunate enough to survive, they may suffer from side effects that they must deal with for the rest of their lives.  Rally Foundation grants funds to promising research to find better treatments and, ultimately, cures for childhood cancers.

When:  This event will begin at 7:00pm on Friday, August 28th, 2020  and continues until 7:00pm on Saturday, August 29th, 2020 and will be held on-site and remotely due to precautions around the COVID-19 pandemic that may be in place at the time.

Who:  Teams of 4 or more can be created, although we have a limit of total teams and only 4 team members can participate at a time.  New:  Individuals will be able to register for the remote-only version of the event as well!  There is no limit to how big your team can get!  There are also individual awards for highest fundraising!  Teams can be same gender or mixed in any combination and their will be WoD scaling for both competitive and social teams as well!  Something for everyone!

How Can I participate? First register here.  We’ll then get back to you with your link to create your team/personal fundraising page!

How Can I donate?:  You can donate here

Our Sponsors:

RogersElectric Mazi Sinks PowerCleanSoap CPR Momma

The 24 in 24 Workouts (subject to change)

6:00pm  Registration Open

#1  7:00pm  27-21-15-9 OHS/Row for Calories (75/55) Social (55/35) Coach’s Notes: Only one person working at a time.

#2  8:00pm  AMRAP 12.5 “Falkel”: 8 HSPU / 8 Box Jumps / 1 Rope climb (30”/24”) Social (24”/20” and can step up) (3 rope progressions). Coach’s Notes: One team member must finish the entire round before another member can start.

#3 9:00pm  5-10-15-20 Deadlift/Burpee. Deadlift weight goes up each round after the bar facing burpees are completed! (135/185/225/275)/( 95/130/155/190) Social (95/130/155/190)/(65/90/105/130)

#4 10:00pm  AMRAP 8: 150 Wall Balls and then Total # DUs is the score. (20/14) Social (14/12 and Singles/2)

#5 11:00pm  AMRAP 10: 10 Hang Power Snatches (75/55) / 3 Bar MU Social (55/35 and 6 C2B). Coach’s Notes: One teammate must finish entire round before tagging out.

#6 12:00am  AMRAP 6’ 16/12 AAB cals / 10 Ring Dips. Coach’s Notes: Must work in two unique teams of 2. One doing cals, the other dips. Next time up, they have to switch movements.

Following this workout is going to be a really good time to eat one of your major meals, if you plan to do so.

#7:  1:00am  1RM Power Snatch Choose a member of your team to perform the movement. Weight on the bar will only go up.

#8:  2:00am  “Pet Rock” 10-1 Downward ladder of: C2B/KBS/Goblet Squat (1.5pd/1.0pd) Social (Jumping C2B and 1.0pd/.75pd) Coach’s Notes: The kettlebell can’t be placed on the ground during the entirety of the Wod and must remain in the hang or front rack of any teammate holding it.

#9:  3:00am  25-20-15-10 DUs/HR Push-ups Social (x2 Singles and Push-ups from knees). Coach’s Notes: Only two members of a team can take part of this WoD. One person working at a time.

#10:  4:00am  20-15-10 Push Jerk (115/80) Social (75/55) / Burpee Box Over 24”/20” Social (Step Over) Coach’s Notes: Only two members of a team can take part of this WoD. One person working at a time.

#11:  5:00am  AMRAP 10: 40 In place Reverse Lunges / 100m Run by one teammate. Coach’s Notes:

#12:  6:00am  AMRAP 9: 3 Power Cleans / 6 Push-ups / 9 Air Squats. Coach’s Notes: Every 3 minutes, the clean gets heavier (135/155/175)/(95/105/125) Social (95/105/125) / (65/70/80). Coach’s Notes: One person working at a time and must complete a round before another teammate can take over.

#13:  7:00am  Yoga with Shannon Krogman from Breathe Yoga!

#14:  8:00am  4 x 200m Burden Carry (50/35) Social (35/20). Coach’s Notes: One teammate working at a time must complete their 200m carry and then hand it off to the next participant on the team until the mile is completed.

Following this workout is going to be a really good time to eat one of your major meals, if you plan to do so.

#15:  9:00am  1RM Bench Press. Send out your best bench presser for a lifting contest. Women’s scores will be divided by 0.7 so that all scores are on the same scale. Each lifter will get 3 attempts.

#16:  10:00am  400m Prowler Push (65/45) Social (unburdened). Coach’s Notes: Only 1 teammate pushing at a time. This one will necessarily go in TBD heats for safety reasons.

#17:  11:00am  “The Standard” For Time: Grace / 30 Bar MUs / Isabel for time. (135/95) Social (95/65 & Pull-ups) Coach’s Notes: 1 Person working at a time.

#18:  12:00pm  AMRAP 8: Ski Erg Cals. Coach’s Notes: 1 person working at a time.

#19:  1:00pm  4 x 200m Run, 3 Rope Climbs, 10 T2B Social 4 x 200m Run, 9 Rope Progressions, 20 High Knees. In succession, each teammate will finish a round before the next begins.

Following this workout is going to be a really good time to eat one of your major meals, if you plan to do so.

#20:  2:00pm  Zumba Class with Coach Stephanie Miller!!!

#21:  3:00pm  5’ AMRAP 10 Ring Push-ups / 10 Push Press (95/65) Social (65/45). Coach’s notes: Bar starts from the ground. A unique 2 person team completes the push-ups and presses simultaneously, switching as necessary. They then tag the other team as they complete their round.

#22:  4:00pm  8’ EMOM of 15/12 AAB cals / Alternating Dumbell Snatch (50/35). Coach’s notes: 1 Teammate per minute. Complete all the cals on the AAB and then proceed to the DB snatch. Score = total snatches.

#23:  5:00pm  2500/2000m Row then Accumulate a total of 60 sit-ups. Coach’s Note: One person working at a time. Every time a team member comes down from the sit, everyone goes out to flip the biggest tire we have.

#24:  6:00pm  “Francesca” 21-15-9 Thrusters (115/80) / Pull-ups Social (75/55 and Jumping Pull-ups). Coach’s Notes: One person working at a time.

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