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CrossFit has transformed me.  Like many CrossFit affiliates owners, I have opened this CrossFit box (gym)  because I passionately believe in what

"John Manser CrossFit Dynamo"
Coach John

CrossFit can do to help people physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.   When I discovered CrossFit in early 2011, it was an eye opener for me.  While I had always been an athlete (some would say I was even ‘accomplished’), I thought that I was reasonably physically fit.  To my complete surprise, I had to tap out of my first 20 minute workout!  I had no idea that true fitness meant being fit across many different aspects of fitness, not just “cardio” or being able to lift a small car off the ground.  I knew from the moment I tried my first free class, that I was hooked. It was that transformative.

CrossFit has undeniably changed my life and the lives of others for the better.  So much so that I knew I had to live this passion more completely;  I had to open my own CrossFit box and share this amazing find.  I’ve watched it give self-esteem and confidence to those who were lacking.  I’ve seen it give renewed strength and a new sense of purpose to those that have been beaten down by the world or their situations.  Personally, it’s given me incredible amounts of energy and the ability to put Life in perspective.  By deciding to make my day a little more challenging, it makes everything else in comparison easy.  How do you not share something like that?

While CrossFit will make you fitter, faster, and stronger, for me, it is more about the camaraderie and community which has drawn me to build this vision of what a CrossFit gym should be.   I’ve gotten a taste of it being a part of Team Pirate Treasure.  The confidence, esteem, and pure joy that I’ve witnessed swell in people as they do things they have never thought possible, grounded in the support of our CrossFit community, has been truly amazing.  Once you get a taste of it for yourself, I have a feeling you’ll be hooked too.

It will change your life in a positive way if you give it a chance.  There are no downsides to being fit.  There is nothing to fear from learning a new physical movement. There is nothing but good to come from meeting new people that will become close friends by sharing an intense experience.  There is everything to be gained by making CrossFit a part of your life.

The CrossFit Dynamo experience is comprised of both its people and the building itself, which takes on its own special character and will become a second home to many.  To  learn about them, please follow the links below:

Hope to see you soon,

Coach John

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