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Women and CrossFit


Women and CrossFit Dynamo

Why do we have a special Women and CrossFit section? It’s to dispel some myths (and outright lies) about women who CrossFit.


  • Women who CrossFit are awesome.
  • They are both strong and feminine.
  • They aren’t bulky or muscle bound.
  •  They range from teenagers to grandmothers.
  • They are supportive.
  • They achieve the body they want through hard work and healthy eating.
  • Any woman can do CrossFit because each work out is adapted (scaled) to fit an individual’s fitness level and physical limitations.
  • They can be newcomers to fitness or elite athletes.
  • CrossFit increases confidence inside the gym AND outside. CrossFit burns a ton of calories!
  • CrossFit doesn’t take a lot of time; you are in and out of the gym in an hour!
  • CrossFit is never boring, as everyday is a different workout.


  • CrossFit makes women look like men.
  • CrossFit is too hard. (No it isn’t. You do what you can and then as you become stronger and fitter, you can do more.)
  • Women should “tone” only. (Really? Toning is just boring word for working out.)
  • Women shouldn’t have muscles. (Women have muscles already. They are not as big as men’s muscles because women don’t have as much testosterone.
    No matter what age you are, CrossFit is for women!



Can’t imagine lifting olympic barbells? Most women can’t until they attend their first CrossFit class. Here you receive detailed, personalized instruction on how to do this properly and safely. You’ll build the functional strength you need to stay strong and healthy in life.

Alice is in her early 60s. She joined CrossFit three years ago and trains according to her ability. Which is considerable. She adapts many of the work out weights so she can do them with proper technique.

Lindsay (back) and Amber are in their mid-20s. Both women have competitive athletic backgrounds and find that CrossFit is making them faster, stronger, more powerful and more agile. Photo by Ben Kane Photography.

Claire was 17 when she joined CrossFit. Now getting ready to attend university, Claire finds CrossFit keeps her fit and challenged. CrossFit is an ideal way to keep “the sport of fitness” alive in your (or your daughter’s) life.  Photo by Ben Kane Photography
Angela joined CrossFit at age 47. She’s doing the “Double Unders.” Photo by Ben Kane Photography




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