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FAQ – Experienced CrossFitter

FAQ: Experienced CrossFitter

Is there a programming bias in your box?
What equipment do you have?
Do you do any special programming in prep for the CrossFit Games?
What certifications do your coaches have?
Do you conduct specialty classes that can help in making me more elite?

Is there a programming bias in your box?

No, but the way we program will reflect the different needs of our athletes.  We believe that of the ten components of fitness, strength tends to bleed over more than most of the others so we will work strength movements a majority of the classes every week, plus some kind of metabolic conditioning (metcon) ever day.  We also believe that your mobility/flexibility is key, so you may see mobility in prep for WoDs and definitely during cool downs, where they are most needed.  You will get used to seeing Foam rollers, Lacrosse balls, band stretches, Voodoo  flossing, and other implements of pain to help keep you loose and injury free.   Note: The head coach does like the Olympic lifts  because they include most of the 10 key elements of our definition of fitness.  Be prepared, just sayin’.

What equipment do you guys have?

We’ll have a well-stocked box with all the stuff you’re used to plus sleds, tires,  prowlers, atlas stones, powerlifting tools,  and GHDs.   For a full list of equipment, click here. We’ve also put in two raised 8×8 Olympic lifting platforms as well.  Ropes are hung from a 25ft ceiling. You will definitely have every CrossFit toy and enough of it for what you’re looking for in a box. Firebreather heaven!

Do you do any special programming in prep for the CrossFit Games?

The CrossFit Open, Regionals, and Games will definitely be taken into consideration as they roll around and we have the athletes that make it that far.  To prep for the Open, we’ll focus on those techniques and movements that are most likely to be widely available around the world.  Also, early in the week of the Open WoDs, we’ll focus on strength and WoDs won’t kill your glycogen stores.  For instance, we’re not doing a “Karen” the day before an Open WoD is announced…  We’ll plan on doing the WoD the day after it has been announced and also set up special sessions that weekend.  I hope to invite other boxes over for more of a “throwdown” environment which always helps everyone’s scores and builds more box community!

What certifications do your coaches have?

CF Dynamo believes in continuing education.  Obviously, all coaches will have their L1 cert before leading a WoD.  You may see some coaches in training, however, so we have more eyes on everyone.  Currently, we have Olympic Lifting (4) , Endurance (2) , Kettlebell (1), Gymnastics (1)  and Mobility (2) covered.  The Owner has achieved is Level 2 Certification as well and conducts monthly coaches meetings to keep everyone sharp!

 Do you conduct specialty classes to help with making more elite?

Yes, we’ll create special seminar courses for Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, POSE running, mobility, and anything else our athletes are asking.  Keeping an ear to your needs is a core tenet to our beliefs.

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