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Every time that I come into the gym, I’m reminded that joining CrossFit Dynamo was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. The expertise of the coaches, the vision and leadership of the owner, the workouts themselves, and the overall camaraderie just can’t be beat. I wholeheartedly recommend CrossFit Dynamo!

~ PP

“Absolutely, hands down, the best life decision I’ve made. Though I’m only a week into this, I love every minute I’m in the gym. Changing everything I’ve been doing for the past 3 years is t going to be easy, but the best things in life don’t come without sacrificing. Look forward to making permanent changes, and bettering myself! Thanks CrossFit Dynamo!”

~ Hub


“A few teachers in my past, over the years, at other training facilities (NOT Crossfit) used intimidation and condemnation to motivate us students (and sometimes embarrassment). It has been piercing my heart these last few weeks to be experiencing instead encouragement and genuine care. I don’t know what else I can say other than I am very grateful to have walked into Crossfit Dynamo and looking forward to Wednesday and the future.”

~ R. Mooney


I just want to say thank you…for all you do. The box, the push, support, everything. It’s all pretty amazing! I can say that you’ve changed my way of life, for sure!

~  C. Shircliff


One of my clients came to see you at Dynamo on Saturday and said he had a great experience. Thank you for taking care of him! In other news, I completed my L1 in Atlanta over the weekend! I cannot tell you how excited I am to have done this. It has taken my work as a trainer to a whole new level. I have been to several boxes both in GA and out of state observing the different ways different boxes conduct their classes. I would love to begin coming to your box on a regular basis. I feel your box takes CrossFit the most seriously of any box I have been to. I want to be sure I am learning CrossFit the RIGHT way and I know you’re the best at this. I’m looking to start very soon if you have room for a new member!

 ~ CS, Professional Trainer


Crossfit has given me the strength of character and physical strength to change my life. From mental clarity, to knowing I can physically do most any task that comes along. It has provided me with the self knowledge, when I set my mind to focus on a goal or issue, nothing can stop my will power and determination.

Crossfit has given me a catalyst to greater self discipline of mind and body. From bettering my personal and professional life while attending crossfit Dynamo; I have changed with in its walls, into a new person.

~ A Guthrie


Just wanted to tell you- tried a box over here highly recommended. Absolutely not for me- won’t diss the box bc some issues are simply personal preference but once again made me realize how well you run your box and the great people that make up your box!! One of a kind!!

Actually going to take some time off (not that I ever really started- lol) and do other fitness things. I’ll drop into you but right now this area isn’t doing it for me and Crossfit  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ~ Carissa


Thank you for explaining your programming cycles.  I appreciate the intentionality, thought, and time you implement to design our cycles.  To improve and excel a plan must be worked up and then we work the plan.

You are intense and committed to the Dynamo athletes.  Your program design delicately balances cardio and strength, power and technique, and challenging to the edge…..but not over the edge.  I have enjoyed watching people from different backgrounds of life merge into the Dynamo box and compete for personal best, excel in a unthinkable (and sometimes unexplainable) WODS, and leave with a satisfied sense of achievement.  The results are not accidental but because of your foresight, ever growing knowledge, and investment of time to design our programming.

I have always needed to know the gameplan or training schedule and the “why” that goes into it.   The more I understand what you do, the more I appreciate the science you apply in creating the Dynamo WODS.

I know there are so many factors that make Dynamo highly distinguishable like the clean, large, lively facility, the caring community that builds friendships, and the life changing success stories.  But your approach to programming is subtle and near invisible.  Ultimately that is a “secret sauce” within Dynamo and justifies your title as coach

~ Gary


Preface:  Laura is a Type 1 Diabetic.  She and her husband have only been coming since September 9th, 2013.  I received the following email 3 months later!  This is the best “bad” news I’ve ever received since starting CF Dynamo!  Couldn’t be more happy for them!

Hey John,

I just wanted to pass along some news.  [A] and I recently found out that we’re going have a little one!  Unfortunately, I’m considered a high risk pregnancy, so my doc recommended that I switch to a lower intensity exercise program in order to limit blood sugar swings. That being said, [A] and I would like to end our membership after this month.  We would love to come back on board when our little guy or girl is here though!

Despite the news, I wanted to pass along a big thank you to you and Kelly for your encouragement and coaching over the past few months.  Before we joined CFD, I had worked for over a year to get my blood sugars down / in a good range so that we could conceive.  After just a short time in the program, not only did I start feeling healthier and stronger, I also noticed that my blood sugars were lower overall.  At my last check up, I found out that my A1c (3 month blood sugar avg.) was 6.4 (down from 7.8 last year).  My goal was to hit 6.5 or below before we got pregnant, so we were ecstatic when my endocrinologist gave us the thumbs up to start having kiddos.  We couldn’t be more excited about the news, so we want to send you guys a big thank you for helping us get ready / hit our goal.  🙂

~ Laura P


BABY STEPS….so when I started this journey back when ever it was, it was due to lack of leg strength in my left leg following knee replacement. In rehab I never got to the point that I could do a one leg squat with that leg. Still had not tried, until this morning. Well, pleased to say that I just did five in a row… THANK YOU DYNAMO!!!

~ Brent S


I don’t know where to start on all the great things that CrossFit has done for my mind and body. Since February 4th, I have lost between 20-25 pounds, and found my pretty toned muscles that have been hiding for years under nasty fat. I’m down 1 to 2 sizes. I’m wearing clothes that I haven’t worn in years because they were too small. The best part is my whole attitude has changed. I’ve got my groove back! Before CrossFit, if I had a bad day, my first thought was to head straight from the office to the bar and drown my sorrows in multiple glasses of wine. Now, I have a hot date with a different bar. I thank everyone in our CFD community. Your support has made my CrossFit adventure better than I ever could have imagined. XXOO!   To add to my “Why I love CDF novel” … I just got home from the cardiologist and have the results of my last echocardiogram. My weight is down 16 pounds since May and total of 27 pounds since January 2013. Even better, my leaky heart valve has been downgraded from moderate/serious to moderate. The rest of my heart is performing well.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ~ Beth M


To my Dynamo Family: 8 weeks ago I started CrossFit out of shape with a resting blood pressure of 140/95. With my wife and I expecting our first baby girl in January I realized it was time to get back in shape, but more importantly I needed to be healthy for her. I anxiously joined Crossfit Dynamo to push myself to do something I thought I could never do. I never realized how quickly I would actually enjoy working out and eating better. This morning I had an appointment for an overall health assessment. Most exciting to me is that my blood pressure is now 110/70! I cannot thank John ManserKelly Wiggins, all the other coaches and fellow Dynamo athletes enough for pushing me and believing in me each and every day I enter the box. I know it’s only been a few months, but I’m so excited about the improvements I have made in my overall health that I can’t wait to see what gains I make over the coming year! Dynamo Rocks!

~ Mike G


What I love about my “Box” CrossFit Dynamo is:  Acceptance, support, friendship, fun, sweat, gaining strength, Murph “our (really)John’s dog”, chalk, increasing my endurance, ringing the bell when you have “a first”, cheering on a fellow athlete, killer music, losing inches, better agility, graduating to a lighter band, getting a DU or maybe 2 in a row, eating healthier and enjoying the better food, getting better at and understanding Olympic lift technique, documenting a PR (personal record) and always looking forward to another great day in OUR Box… Thanks John and all the Coaches at CrossFit Dynamo. You can change lives!!!

~ Molly B


I have had multiple broken bones and fractures throughout my life. I had at one point become resolved to the fact I would just have to live with it and never be able to feel as healthy as I once did. Then enter crossfit which I started very reluctantly and after many hours of encouraging from my husband. I was extremely fearful I would get hurt again and did not want to face that obstacle. I can tell you since starting crossfit I feel better than I ever have and don’t deal with the same daily chronic pain I had before starting. I always realized i need some level of activity to keep it at bay but never realized it could go away.

~ Denise M


I am an avid runner who was looking for addition training to help me become stronger and faster in each of my running events.

About six months ago, a buddy suggested that I try CrossFit. So I started my research to learn about crossfit and even spoke to a number of other runners and friends. I read and heard about the dangers of CrossFit and the potential positives of CrossFit and came to the conclusion that two key elements of a successful CrossFit Box (Gym) or experience are (1) the coaching must be focused on technique and the fundamentals of CrossFit training to prevent injury, and (2) the facility – the size of the location and how well the Box is equipped – does really matter (especially after traveling to a number of other Boxes across the country).

My journey started by visiting with each of the CrossFit Boxes around my home where I met John Manser, the owner of CrossFit Dynamo, one Sunday afternoon just by luck as he was cleaning the Box that day. John took the time to educate me about CrossFit and his Box – CrossFit Dynamo – and to learn about my objectives. The very next week I started attending a number of the WoDs (Workout of the Day) and really enjoyed the program and different activities that pushed me to learn about my physical and mental strengths and weakness.

Fast forward six months. What I have gained over the past six month is a wonderful support system lead by John Manser, and a number of the coaches (Kelly Wiggins, Matt Gawlik, Jenny Gregory, and Brent Johnston only to name a few) that have helped me to grow in so many ways other than just fitness. The CrossFit Dynamo community has truly changed my life by providing the opportunity for new friendships outside my daily routine and contacts; and challenges me physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually in a supportive environment. It is as closest thing to playing a team sport where everyone is growing together within the Box. The new friendships have helped me to complete my first two triathlons this year, something that I never thought I would ever do! I have a new goal to complete a half Ironman next year too.

In short, a great BIG THANK YOU to John, the coaches of CrossFit Dynamo, and my fellow members for creating a place of camaraderie and community that will continue to transform me into a more confident and positive person.

~ Matt B


Before starting CFD I had a wellness BP of 120/70 but lately it’s been a fitness BP 110/60. Also my glucose number was starting to creep up to 100 (that’s when the docs start saying stuff to you) but it is down to 93 and the endocrinologist kicked me out of her office and said I didn’t need to be there. CrossFit, Advocare and Paleo! Oh yeah, lost 25lbs and 3 inches off waist. And this is only part of the story of why I am sold hook, line and sinker on Crossfit Dynamo!!!

~ Karl F


“I have been training with John since the early part of 2011.  From the very first WoD I was struck by both his intensity and drive as an athlete as well as his incredibly friendly, open and genuine demeanor as a person.  John is the kind of guy who will shout encouragement to you in the middle of a WoD even as he’s working his butt off to outperform you in friendly competition. This spirit of intensity has greatly shaped my CrossFit experience and I literally would not be the CrossFitter I am today without this guy.   He seems to have this habit of making everyone around him better.  I’ve watched John evolve from a competent and competitive CrossFit athlete into a knowledgeable and effective CrossFit coach, using the same energy, focus and discipline that he appears to bring to all aspects of his life.
I greatly value any opportunity to train with John and I would unreservedly recommend him to both new and experienced CrossFitters as a coach.   He’s a guy you want in your corner.”

~ Scott O


I officially joined Crossfit in May 2013. I was not targeting lose weight but tone my body. My body weight remains same but I am two sizes down. That means time to buy new cloths and I love that problem. Plus I feel strong personally and it reflects in my daily activities. I am ready to tackle any issues that come my way after doing back squat with 100 pounds.  I am grateful to crossfit dynamo community and great coaches who motivated me to go further.

~ Jemini S


 I have worked out religiously for over 15 years, and I have never had the opportunity to have the feeling of community as I do here at CFD. It really opened my eyes to what a community of like-minded, hardworking individuals feels like. John, thank you for your vision, passion, and hard work. You have done an amazing job!!

~ Denise  A


“I have trained with Coach John many times and always find him inspiring.  Not only does he know what he’s doing, he’s very supportive in helping me achieve my Crossfit goals.”

~ Angela P

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