Fall 2018 CF Dynamo Newsletter!

Note:  this looks a whole lot better in MailChimp, that I made late Monday night, but somehow I’ve pissed them off!  So, I felt it better to get this info out tonight!  So, here goes:

Some huge news as we head into 2019!  So much so, that our new tag line might need to change to #MuchBetterThanYesterday!  Here’s what’s packed in this newsletter:

The  Biggest News:  Our new InBody Scanner 570!  You can read about it below.  Coupled with Shred U and our fitness programming/coaching, we have everything you need to give you the body and functionality you desire in the shortest amount of time possible!
Holiday Schedule:  We’re modifying our class schedule for the holidays.  The app won’t let you reserve them anyway, but here’s your head’s up for next week and early next year!
The Holiday Challenge is Back!  Those in the States normally add between 5-7 pounds of flab throughout the holiday season from all the celebrations.  What if we could just keep you maintained during that stint?  It’d be like losing 5-7lbs, right?  And this will also give you a chance to receive the benefits of the new Body Scanner at a discount, while losing/maintaining throughout the holidays!
The Black Friday Sale!  These Dynamo holiday credit cards make great card/stocking stuffers for those that have never been members of Dynamo before! $20 lets you give $100 worth of Dynamo credit.  Look like a big spender for cheap and give the Gift of Fitness.


The InBody570

The leading Bio-electrical Impedance Analyzer on the market!  This helps take CF Dynamo to the pinnacle of top-notch programming, coaching, fitness, nutrition, support, and demonstrable results!

Here’s the pretty overview of what we’re getting!

Scan Options:

  • Single Scan: $50   You can book an appointment any time my calendar is available.
  • 4 Quarterly Scans Annually:  $190 (5% savings)
  • 6 Monthly Scans:  $270 (10% savings)
  • FREE (once a month) with the purchase of Shred U for as long as you’re an active shredder!

Here’s what you’ll be able to track going forward!

The InBody570 Result SheetInbody750ResultSheet

We’ll be able to define your current and historical trending around:

  • Weight
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (how many cals you burn if you just sat around all day)
  • Body Fat Percentage Segmented by torso and limbs
  • Intra- & Extra-cellular Water levels (that identify inflammation from either food or injury)
  • Visceral Fat – a leading indicator of oncoming diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure!

It’s a super-solid product with excellent validation studies!

Want more info on the data sheet and how to interpret it?  Go here!


















Class Schedule  for the Holidays


The week of Thanksgiving, we’ll have regular schedule until Wednesday, November 21st.  Last class that day will be noon.  The Friday after Thanksgiving, we’ll just do one class at 0930.  It’ll be long and hard to burn off all those extra calories!

The week’s of Christmas and New Year’s, last class will be on the eve at noon.  December 26th, first class will be 0930.  January 2nd, first class is noon.  It’s tradition that at some point, we’ll be open the doors for Open Gym on January 1st to bring in the new year, but, it really depends on how deep we go New Year’s eve!

To ensure we have class, please RSVP via your ZenPlanner app, as the calendar is up to date there.  If you show up to an empty gym, you know who to blame!  😉



The Lean Body Mass Holiday Challenge is Back!
Over the holidays, the majority of humans in the US gain between 5-7lbs of fat from all the different celebrations and sweets easily available!  To thwart that this year, we want to set some healthy habits BEFORE the holidays hit and give you all the support you need to not only maintain your hard earned gains from this year, but perhaps even see more during the holidays!  We will once again put a challenge to each of you over the holiday season to maintain your lean body mass!   Here’s how it will work:
The $129 (really $99 when you get your account credited!) Challenge will include:

  • two (2) InBody570 Scan evaluations, one just before Thanksgiving (it comes in Monday) and the other right after the New Year,
  • a goal setting/accountability consult,
  • external measurements,
  • weekly weigh ins,
  • a mid-challenge consult to see how you’re doing and what you might want to change to win your challenge (bring your food journal!),
  • Those maintaining their lean body fat percentage or seeing improvement will have $30 credited to their account for their February membership!   So, you have a way of getting fit and getting a couple discounted scans as well!


We’ll be Flash Selling the Dynamo Holiday Gift Card again this year!  $20 gets you $100!  For experienced CrossFitters it can be used for punch cards or monthly memberships.  For those new, it can be used as part of a 6 Week Challenge or a full-service 3 month membership!

Please note:  This is only good for people that have never had a Dynamo Membership before!


2017 CF Dynamo Fall Newsletter!

Tons going on this Fall, here’s what’s up:

The 2017 Lean Body Mass Holiday Challenge!  

GetTankedOver the holidays, the majority of humans gain 7lbs of fat from all the different celebrations and sweets easily available!  To thwart that this year, we want to set some healthy habits BEFORE the holidays hit and give you all the support you need to not only maintain your hard earned gains from this year, but perhaps even see more during the holidays!  The Body Fat Testing truck is coming to CF Dynamo!  Friday, October 13th, 2017,  from 10:30am – 1:30p, and 4:30p – 6:30p.   This is the best technology for determining your body fat percentage, hydrostatic weighing, will be parked here.  We will once again put a challenge to each of you over the holiday season to maintain your lean body mass!   Sign up here!  Here’s how it will work:

The $160 (really $135 when you get your money back plus some!) Challenge will include:

  • two dunk evaluations, mid-October and mid-January,
  • a goal setting/accountable consult,
  • an hour long nutritional talk, external measurements, and further consulting (this year with help from Megan and more specific talk around the Zone Diet)!
  • Several nutritional guidance documents, and
  • A $25 investment into a pot of money from all those taking the challenge. Those maintaining their results or seeing improvement will have their percentage of the pot credited to their Dynamo account!  So, you have a way of getting fit and making some money at the same time!

For those of you that just want to get dunked and don’t feel you need help, we’ll open up slots, should any be available, after our Challengers have had a chance to enter!  Contact John to get your time slot set in stone!

Powerlifting and Gymnastics Classes are Back!

Powerlifting Classes ($100) – one hour class held M/W  10:30a and 7:30p, Oct 2 – Nov 29th (with a deload break Thanksgiving week!)  BurgePRs

Of the 10 components of fitness, strength, by far, lends itself to the other 9 more than any other.  This class has effectively:

  • Increased Strength,
  • Improved technique, and
  • Enhanced mobility

of those that have signed up and consistently come to it!  Arpana and Martin found huge PRs after their first cycles!

IMG_2092Gymnastic Classes ($100) – one hour class held Saturdays at 10:45a for one hour, September 30th to November 18th (finishing the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving).  This class will help you with efficient movement of your body and finding larger muscle groups to move your body!  Specifically, it will:

  • Increase your unbroken reps for pull-ups, T2B, C2B, Bar MUs, Ring MUs
  • Enhance your Body Awareness
  • Reduce hand rips, and
  • Get you comfortable being upside down and on the rings  IMG_2120

Did you know you can sign up for either or both of these classes yourself through the Zen Planner App on your phone?  Instead of reserving class, select the “Z”  for the drop down of choices, choose “Purchase” and then scroll down to the class membership you desire!  It’s just that easy!




Burpees for Turkeys!

AdoptASchool GroupPhoto

The coaching staff (hopefully) and I will once again be doing burpees for each and every canned good you bring in during our food drive benefiting the CannedGoodskids at Cumming Elementary whose parents won’t be able to afford food for them over the long Christmas holiday.   This is part of the “Adopt-a-School” program brought to our attention by our own Noel Coleman.  So, start stocking up on deals of non-perishables now so we can watch our pile grow starting November 27th , the Monday after Thanksgiving, and into the month of December.  On the 16th of December, bring your frozen turkeys as well in which we’ll be doing burpee muscle ups to show our gratitude!

We have a huge goal to beat this year, as we’ll be shooting for over a literal ton of  food and at least 2,500 non-perishables!

CFD 2017 April New Classes Announcement!

Tons going on as far as services for April once we get through Spring Break, so here’s the rundown:

In case you missed it, Kyla’s now running the CF Kids class at 4:40pm Mondays and Wednesdays! Spring session starts April 10th and goes through May 24th! $154 for the session or you can just drop in!

On the same note, Karl will be again be leading the CF Teens Class at 7:30pm Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:30pm on Fridays. CF Teens starts April 10th as well and extends to May 26th! Karl’s got two options this year: 2x/week will be $126, 3x/week will be $189. Drop ins appreciated!

You want to get stronger? We got stronger. Our Developing Strength class will start April 10th, and we’ll run sessions at both 11am and 7:30pm that last an hour. The session will run 2 months, with testing at the beginning and end. $100 for the 8-week session. 6 athlete cap to make sure our atheletes get the attention they need. Everyone PR’d at the end of this cycle!

As the Open showed us, no lifts are off the table at this point. Those that have taken the Olympic Lifting classes did very well into relation the box as a whole. We’ll start these classes on April 11th at 7:30p Tuesday and Thursdays and they’ll run 90 minutes in length. The session is 6-weeks long and costs $179. 6 athlete cap.

If you can’t figure out how to sign up for the class through your ZenPlanner app, contact John, to reserve your spot!

Yours in Health,


CFD 2017 January Newsletter!


Happy 2017 Everyone!  The first quarter of the year is always a busy one here at CF Dynamo, so here’s what you should be planning for over the next several weeks/months:

As of Tuesday, January 3rd, we’re back to the regular schedule.  I really appreciate everyone RSVP’ing so much better over the holiday, please try to keep it up!  Also, remember to check in to class.  It’s best to do both!  It helps your coaches both plan and frees them up during the WoD to spend more time on the floor rather than on necessary administrative tasks.

CrossFit Kids Starts back up this Wednesday!  We’ve got classes for all ages of kids!  Starting at 4p, 4:40p, and 7:30p most days, we can find the right class for your kids!  For more information, go here -> https://crossfitdynamo.com/dynamo-kids-and-teens/

Testing Week – this week and next!  It’s time to benchmark your current strength for use in the WoDs for the next 4 months!  Best lifts make the Power Board in the Gain Cave as well!  Don’t worry if you miss a day as we plan a make up day on January 16th, 2017 for you to get the lifts you might have missed.


World Wide WoD Competition:  This Saturday at 12:30pm,  First WoD at 1:00pm.  This is a fun, fair test that we’ve set up for all ages and abilities, including kids!!!  See more here:  https://www.thegaragegames.com/events/world-wide-wod-gym-resolutions-2017/ for information on the WoDs and to sign up.  Only a couple of more days to register!


The Dunk Truck is back on January 21st !  For those of you that paid for both sides of the Holiday Challenge, I’ve currently slotted you for your same time slot:


Feel free to work amongst yourselves if trades are necessary.  If your name isn’t on here, and it should be, let me know.  If you’d like to get dunked, let me know ASAP so I can try to get the truck to stay longer.

Are there any of you that would like to get dunked on the 21st and then again in a couple of months?

Changes to Onboarding Process – Remember, new members that are new to CrossFit will be undergoing 3 hours of personal training before we let them into class.  We can set up the sessions around their schedules, but it’s not going to be optional in 2017.  This is to keep classes safer and allows the coach(es) to spend more time with everyone, not just the new athletes!


The Open is Coming!  February 23rd to be exact, meaning you’ll see the Open WoD 17.1 on February 24th!   If you’ve joined after March, you may not know what the Open is, so here’s what CF HQ has to say about it:  http://games.crossfit.com/about-the-games/the-open

And while you may not want to sign up to compete against the world in either Rx or Scaled divisions, we’ll be running our own 3-team Intramurals Competition in-house with Rx / Scaled / Beginner Divisions so that you can be on and help your team, regardless of your fitness level!  In the coming weeks, we’ll be naming Captains and you’ll let us know you want to be on a team.  There’ll be trophies, t-shirts and prizes handed out during the month-long competition. It truly brings out the best in each of us, so please plan on participating!  There’s also the viewing parties on Thursday nights and the special Sunday afternoon Throwdowns for those that missed or want a re-do from Friday’s WoD!

Open Training Sessions:  2pms on Sundays until about 5pm through February 19th start this Sunday, the 8th!  2-3 tough (think Open and Regional style) WoDs for the more competitive of us to hone our skills for the actual Open. In the past, we’ve done Grace and Isabel as “warm-up” WoDs, if that helps.   You need to be able to Rx most WoDs in here and please don’t expect much, if any, coaching during it besides strategy sessions.   This is simply a heads down, suffer-fest.  You’ve been warned.  It will require a check-in at the front kiosk, so you guys with 3x/week and punch cards, this counts.


Personal Training / Accountability – If you currently feel stuck with a movement or your body image, I assure you someone on staff can help!  You know how good the coaching staff is on the floor.  Can you imagine how good they are in 1 on 1 situations concentrating solely on you?!?  Why don’t you schedule some personal training time to:

  • Increase strength, stamina, or endurance,
  • Discuss nutritional needs and what you might be eating currently that is challenging your goals,
  • Figure out how to efficiently get your Double Unders, Bar Muscle up, kipping handstand push-up, or [insert move here],
  • Talk WoD strategies for benchmarks or other WoDs that have given you trouble in the past,
  • Short, Medium, and Long term goal setting, planning, and follow-up, and/or
  • Receive Video feedback analysis!

With the Open coming up, if you’re just a move or two away, maybe this is your year to turn the corner and extend your CrossFitting capabilities!  Contact John for more information or to sign up!

The CF Dynamo August 2016 Newsletter!

So, it’s been a busy July for us at CFD, but we’re simply trying to kill it when it comes to making it easier to help you meet your specific goals and have fun while doing it!  We’ve got stuff in here to make you a smarter, more educated CrossFitter, a better/stronger lifter, and a chance to continue to strengthen our Community!  Here’s what’s going on this month and several months to come!

New Services

“New You” Challenge Registration starts.  This initial class is going to be a women’s-only class designed to get women who normally might not look at CF as an alternative, a very easy way to get started in it!  Wendy Thames has joined our team as one of our new Challenge leaders, so please welcome her next time you see her!   I’d also like to introduce a new position we’ve created to help our New You initiative.  It’s called the CFD Ambassador program and Megan, Kyla, and Caitlin will be our first ambassadors!  Thank you for helping supporting us ladies!

New Functional Movement Screening – in case you missed it last week, feel free to book an appointment to see if there’s any specific mobility you might be able to incorporate to make you better in the WoDs!  This is also a time to set some short term goals!  It only takes 15 minutes, so contact John to get started!

If you love CrossFit, but don’t know why, here’s some 90 second vids on the “why” that we cover as part of our Elements program

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit in 100 Words (more or less)

The 10 Components of Fitness explained.

The 3 Energy Pathways and how it plays with our Programming

The Intensity Threshold:  When it’s better to Scale than Rx

Our new mobility tools:

The “Vertical Peanut

The “Wedge

The new “Trapelizer

We’ve created a full playlist of mobility tips and tricks on our CF Dynamo You Tube channel.  Feel free to subscribe to it for all the latest vids we post!

Upcoming Events:

Oly Lifting classes started Tuesday, August 2nd, but you can still get in on it!  It’s not too late.  We can prorate the membership and get your Clean and Jerk and Snatch movements smoother and stronger!  Contact John to get signed up!

CF Pre-Kids, Kids, and Teens starts next Monday, August 8th!

OCR Cash-out Tuesdays – Expect a focus on grip strength and stamina at some point during the WoD or as part of a special cash out in prep for our November 12th race as a team!

World Wide Wod – Global Aftermath:   September 10th  This is a great first competition experience with divisions for every ability and work capacity!  Use the hyperlink to see the WoDs and sign up.  It’s done in the comfort of your own box to boot!

GG Junior Championships October 8th  Some of our Teens will be participating so come out and support this great day of watching the next generations put it on the line!

GG Master’s Tour  November 5th  Something for those a little longer in the tooth.  WoDs will take into consideration our “experience.”  😉

BattleFrog SeriesLake Lanier  November 12th    What I like about BattleFrog is you get better obstacles and not so much mud.  Mud shouldn’t make the obstacle harder, imho.  We’re getting a group together.   Come join us in the fun!  This race is scalable to your degree of fitness and it’s an excellent Community building day!

Yours in health,



CF Dynamo July 2016 Newsletter!


Tara will be walking us through the differences between TENS and EMS and why you should know the difference!

Wow, we’re off to a hot start this summer what with our 4-year anniversary, huge Battle of the Ages competition last weekend, and all the videos we’ve been putting out.   It’s ok to subscribe to our Youtube channel, promise!


That does not mean I’ve been sitting idly behind the front desk.  If I’m not chatting with one of you, I’m putting plans into action to give the best CrossFit experience anywhere!  So look what’s coming down the pipe (so far) for the next several months (in chronological order)!

We’ll be holding an educational afternoon with Flextone on Electrical Muscle Stimulation on Tuesday, July 19th, 2016, to demo the machines and talk about the importance of recovery using their devices, the difference between TENS and EMS stimulation, and how their Russian Wave technology can help with many issues, including sciatica!


Tim will be here all day to help with your DUs all day on August 1st!

DU / Jump rope clinic with Mute Sports Equipment!– All day, Monday, August 1st!  Tim from Mute Sports will be here so that you get your DUs and also look at their vast choices of ropes!

CF Kids Schedule for Fall Semester Starts first week of August!  See Kim or Karl for more details!

Olympic lifting Training (6-week cycle) starts back August 2nd, 2016.  We would love a head count to make sure we can run this class , so please reply to this email by July 23rd if you plan on attending!  Cost is still just $169 for the 12 sessions.  Last cycle, some improved by as much as 40 lbs on the lifts!


You’ll see Shelby around from time to time to help with programming and technique for our upcoming OCR event!!!

We’ll be wanting to get a team together for perhaps the best true test of obstacles there is (without all the mud that really diminishes the experience, imho).  What better way to test all your new fitness than on an obstacle course!?!  CrossFit Dynamo has become an ambassador for the Battle Frog Series Training / EventSaturday, November 12th, 2016.  That means, we get a $20 discount.  It also means, that we’ll be doing some accessory work in/after some of our WoDs for those of you that want to do it, and/or want to do it over the ELITE obstacles (they scale there too)!  The extra work will primarily focus on:

  • Grip Strength,
  • Upper body strength,
  • Rope Climbing / Technique, and
  • Farmer’s carry over longer distances!

Come see me at the front desk for your discount code and save $20 on the November BattleFrog event!

On August 16th, we’ll be opening the box to the Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) curious along with you guys to learn more about the race, teach them proper rope technique, learn how CrossFit makes you better at being a Ninja in general, and we’ll have some obstacles / training set up that night to test your current skills!

Cirque du CrossFit with Amber – September’ish, once it cools down.  We’ll start with a free session to show you some of the cool things you’ll be able to work on.  And then, we’ll gauge interest and next steps from there!

Move of the 7:30am class to 7:00am starting in September.  The 7:30a class has been extremely hit or miss for the past year or so.  We’re going to move it to 7a to help our staff and see if we can’t fill it more consistently!

Remember the “Couch to CrossFit” program we implemented in January?  Well, I’m one upping that with the “New You” Program! – We hope to be seeing some new faces as we continue to make CrossFit more accessible to those that didn’t think it’s for them.  We’ll be interviewing potential members in August, with first classes in September!  Please give them our unbeatable CF Dynamo welcome!

Worldwide WoD:  Global Aftermath September 10th!  Any interest in having us host it?  Here are the WoDs!  Let me know who’d be interested and I’ll get us signed up to host it so you don’t have to travel.  This is a great first competition if you want to get your feet wet.

Well, I’m officially tired just typing all this.  Hope you can see I’ve been working hard to make you the best educated, smartest CrossFitters in the world.

Yours in health,




June 2016 CF Dynamo Newsletter

First, a note on hydration….

Cheat Sheet:

1 Gal of Water = 128 fl oz = 8.34lbs
1lb of water weight loss = 15.34 flu oz (approximately)

Here’s what’s going on this month at CFD!

Today, June 1st!  Our  Dynamo Pre-Kids, Kids, Teens programs kick-off with extended hours M/W/F!  Dynamo Pre-K (3-4) starts at 4:00p,  Dynamo Kids (5-11) starts at 4:40, and Teens at 7:30pm (6:30p on Fridays)  Semester prices are $200, $225, and $225 respectively.

June 7th – The 6-week Olympic Lifting cycle starts at 7:30p T/Th.  We saw great strides from our athletes taking this class in April/May!

June 25th – 4-year Anniversary Extravaganza

  • 0915  Bounce House should be upright and ready for play!
  • 0930  Start of our morning in-house competition
  • 1200 Double Elimination Dodgeball Tourney
  • 1300 Cookout! – Bring a side, Dynamo does the rest!

July 9th – Battle of the Ages Competition / Sawnee Mountain Trail Hike

As always, if you have any questions about when classes are “on”, please check the one calendar that rules them all.


CFD Newsletter for May, 2016

Happy May everyone!  Here’s the newsletter for this month.  Some changes, some fun outings, and some potential new offerings!

Change to Daycare (effective immediately):  We will need to start RSVP’ing for each of your kids to use the service going forward, unfortunately, due to the popularity of the offering . Therefore, please set up your kids in ZenPlanner or if you can’t figure it out, contact me at John@crossfitdynamo.com with your kids names so that we can get them added and so you can use the service!

Further, if you RSVP and then don’t use, please cancel so that anyone on the Waitlist can get their child in.

Save the Date:  Our 4-year anniversary will be held on June 25th, 2016.  VERY kid-friendly (think jump house), cookout, with an internal competition in the morning for the adults.

CrossFit Kids and Teens Classes will start June 1st and run through July 27th!  More to come on those two program later this week with a separate announcement.  Coaches Karl and Kim are doing a a great job and we may even have a new offering for you!

The next Olympic Lifting 6-week cycle will start on June 7th.

If you would be interested in simply developing more strength after seeing this week’s testing results, you may wan to think about some extra personal programming/training developed around our WoD programming.  If there’s enough interest, we can start a 6-8 week cycle for that as well, starting in early June.  Contact John for more information or at least to show interest in a class.

If you’re interested in a strength cycle (Monday/Wednesday nights?), let me know.  If we can get a minimum number, I’ll be glad to stand a cycle up for that as well.

Atlantic Regionals is the weekend of May 20, 21, 22 at the World Congress Center.  Come see some of the best athletes/teams in the Atlantic and Southeast regions vie for 5 spots available to the Games in July!!!  We’ll have a raucous contingent cheering on everyone!  Look for us near the ends of one of the lanes!  Go to http://games.crossfit.com to order yours for the day or the weekend!


The CrossFit 2016 Open / CFD Cup – What to Expect during our CRAZY Season!

Registration for the 2016 CrossFit Open starts later today! So, every third word out of our mouths will probably be “Open” or something referring to it. I thought it best to explain to all of you that have never experienced it here at CF Dynamo!

What is the CrossFit Open? At its core, it’s this simple: five workouts released once a week on Thursday nights at 8pm starting February 25th. We’ll do the workouts on Friday and again on special throwdowns at 2pm on Sundays. If you want to see where you “rate” in the world, you can register online ( $20, and make sure you associate with our CrossFit Dynamo team), do the judged workout (either Rx or Scaled), and enter your scores by 8pm the following Monday night. I expect over 300,000 CrossFitters around the world will sign up this year! All ages and abilities! I’ll be posting the registration site when it’s available and once I’ve created the CF Dynamo Team so you can link your individual registration to our team!

15.1 The Aftermath on a Sunday

15.1 The Aftermath on a Sunday

What is the CF Dynamo Cup? We piggy-back our internal “bragging rights” competition based on the same workouts of the Open. That way, the programmer can’t be blamed for the crappiness of the challenges! It also gives you a chance to have some fun competing without having to register for the Open. We also create a “Beginner” division to ensure that the month-long fun is inclusive to everyone that wants to enjoy it. We hand out medals for Top 3 in Rx/Scaled/Beginner, Top Team, and CrossFitter of the Open, a special trophy which

will be given to the athlete exuding the qualities we find most important: Supportiveness, Integrity, Pursuit of Excellence, Courage, Determination, Grit, and probably most important, a sense of overall Community.

Entering the CFD Cup ($40) gets you the following:
1) Your team’s t-shirt!
2) A chance to podium/medal in your scale/gender division

The Swag!

The Swag!

3) A chance to be named CrossFitter of the Open
4) Entry to our special 2pm throwdowns on Sundays

5) Your best chance at PR’ing stuff!  Everyone’s screaming for you!

Everyone is this pic PR'd their C&J in Open WoD 15.1A! #Legit

Everyone is this pic PR’d their C&J in Open WoD 15.1A! #Legit

6) Camaraderie and memories you’ll never forget!

Once registered, we’ll be letting you know what team you’ve been drafted on! We’d rather you not sandbag divisions. If you do most of the WoDs Rx, enter Rx and so forth and so on. While winning is cool, pushing yourself to your limits and then beyond is cooler. If you podium’d last year in a division, you automatically are asked to move up to the next.

We’ll keep registration open at least through the first of February, but we’ll need time to get shirt orders

How will I be chosen for a team? No, you won’t all be lined up on the back wall and picked one by one so that there’s just one of you left, embarrassed in front of everyone else! Our captains: Amber Ebert, James Melton, and Shane Ocenas will be drafting you on a designated “Draft Day”, so no one will know where you were drafted, you’ll just show up on a team afterward we’re done!

The 2016 Team shirts!

The 2016 Team shirts!

The 8pm Open WoD Announcement – Starting Thursday night, February 25th, we’ll gather around to watch the announcement of each WoD being announced and performed by several elite CrossFitters in the world, going head to head! We’ll then discuss strategy on how to get the most out of it for you and you can go home and stay up all night thinking about how you’re going to crush it on Fridays/Sundays!  We’ll also figure out scaling for the Beginner division that night, so the Daily WoD might come out later than usual.

Performing the WoDs – All classes on Friday and the Sunday 2pm throwdown will go like this:
An explanation of the WoD and all the necessary range of motion we’re looking for. We’ll go in several heats so that everyone entered into the Open or the CFD Cup gets judged, complete with handy dandy pre-printed scoresheets. Range of Motion is key here, so have you’re mobility on point by the end of February!  If you’re not competing in the Open or the CUP, IT’S STILL OK TO COME FRIDAY!  You can simply choose to do your workout in any of the heats avaialable.  We just won’t issue you a judge!

On the Sunday Throwdowns, the box will be set up like we do for competitions, cordoned off with tape!  I’ll be asking you to RSVP to the event and I’ll place you heats with approximate go times ahead of time. We’ll issue judging responsibilities at that time too. If you just show up, you’ll be slotted wherever we can fit you, but it might not be with others in your division… Best to RSVP for this special day to ensure everything runs smooth

The Box, on Game Days

The Box, on Game Days

for everyone.  Scorecards will be taken in and Beth Minor (spreadsheet goddess) will be filling out the overall spreadsheet with your standings each week for both you and your team! If you’re in the Open, you’ll get a “receipt” so that you can enter your score online. Once it’s been approved by the box manager, you’ll be slotted amongst the rest of the world!

Save the Date of March 27th! That’s the date of our last throwdown and we’ll be handing out all the awards and having a major cookout afterwards! It’s one of the best days of the year at the box, so don’t miss out! Even if you’re not participating, it’s a great day to come out and support and feel our Community at its best.

Any questions? Contact John and he’ll be glad to answer them!