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Our Causes

  • We ride because We can.
  • We ride because others can’t.
  • We ride because others need a voice.
  • We ride in hopes that someday others can ride with me.
  • We ride because someday We may need someone to ride for me.” – Anonymous Livestrong Challenge Participant

This is the motto of our team, Team Pirate Treasure, and the where we find our strength.

Team Pirate Treasure is a group of friends dedicated to fighting cancer and riding bicycles for the 24 Hours of Booty. This year’s event is Oct 13-14, 2012 in Sandy Springs! To join the team or donate:

Our Mission

We recruit cyclists of all abilities and raise money/awareness for 24 Hours of Booty, Livestrong, and the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA). Last year, we were 110 riders strong and raised over $77,000! This year, we’d like to double both amounts! We will help you get in shape while we all give back to the community!

Last Year’s Stats

110 Riders last year raising over $77,000! This year, we’re shooting for 200 riders and $150,000 in proceeds to benefit CHOA and LiveSTRONG.

Our desire is to have you share the feelings we’ve enjoyed, something we call the “Sledgehammer of Love” moment. Here’s what we’re talking about:


Team Pirate Treasure is about helping you get fit on the bike while having even more fun off it, and all of it in the name of giving back to our community.

But make no mistake, at our core, we are Cancer Warriors and take that mantle seriously.

A Social Gathering

On the saddle, we’ll be leading safe/instructive rides to raise increase your safety riding and fitness for all levels of riders. We cater to all ages, bike styles, and abilities. One of our riders completed 301 miles on the course last year!

We’ll also be celebrating every month with local happy hours and other special events such as when the Pittsburgh Pirates come to town to play our beloved Braves. We also hold rides to gather toys for our bi-annual Pirate Parties we throw at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in their “Zone”.

Our Goals and Aspirations

So, if you’re interested in surrounding yourself with like minded, supportive individuals that want to give back to the community while getting in shape, click the “Join Team” button just above the list of team members below. We were 110 strong last year and raised $77,000. We plan to double both this year, with your help. Check out the picture of the part of the team we were able to get into a photo with Bobke from last year’s event. A couple of us also got to ride with Lance Armstrong later that month and made him an honorary pirate as well!

How to Support Without Riding

If cycling isn’t your thing, but you like what we’re up to, we’d certainly appreciate a donation to help support our fight against cancer both nationally for the Livestrong Foundation and locally for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Any donation amount will help, so give what you can. The link to join and/or donate is: . Simply click on a name below and then their “Donate” button underneath their picture (hint, I’m at the top) 😉

Thanks from Team Pirate Treasure!



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