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CrossFit Foundations Course: Learning the Moves

CrossFit Dynamo Foundations Course

After only 45 days, Theresa made vast improvement in her fitness, her body, and her overall confidence!
After only 45 days, Theresa made vast improvement in her fitness, her body, and her overall confidence!

CrossFit Dynamo Foundations is the right way to learn the moves for CrossFit workouts of the day (WoDs).  Our training methods are challenging but are adapted (scaled) to everyone’s individual fitness level.  The Foundations course is a 3-hour class that can be broken up based on your schedule.  We take you through all of  the primary moves from which CrossFit is based so that you have a foundation for the technique taught in every class.

You’ve got questions – we’ve got answers!

How long is the Foundation’s Course?

This prep course is 2.5 to 3 hours in total length that can be broken down into 2-3 sessions, as necessary.  In summary, it’s the high points of the Level 1 Certification course and a great study aid for those that are thinking about getting their cert!  It’s also necessary so that you don’t get “lost” in the workout.  We explain exactly how an hour’s WoD will play out.

What will I learn?

If nothing else, you will learn how to protect your back in day to day activities FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!  You will learn all of our basic moves and core principles that can be applied to everything else we do here.  We will break down foundational movements using plastic PVC pipe/”plush toys” for the following:

  • Air squat,
  • Front Squat,
  • Overhead Squat,
  • Strict Press,
  • Push Press,
  • Push Jerk (and split jerk when desired),
  • Deadlift,
  • American and Russian Kettlebell Swing, and
  • the Medball Clean,

so that you can get the feeling of the movement without risking inadvertent strain.  You’ll learn not only the mechanics of our movements in order to keep you safe from injury but also why the CrossFit methodology is so effective to meet your stated goals.  We’ll define fitness, discuss the multiple energy pathways in your body, and give you a basic understanding of what Intensity is, when it’s too much, and how to tell the difference!

Further, you’ll start to learn the CrossFit Vocabulary so that when you read the workout or look on the board, you have a good feeling for the day’s challenge!

Here’s a taste of what we’ll discuss:

Finally, we’ll also discuss the importance of Nutrition in seeing gains inside and outside of the gym.

How much does it cost?

The Foundations Course is $169 for the three hours.

Receive personalized technique training from our certified instructors.

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