The “No Sweat Intro”

NewRig  We get it.  You’ve been told by anyone and everyone in the industry that has something to lose that “CrossFit is Dangerous.”  You’re personal trainer, globo-gym worker or Orange Theory instructor HAS TO TELL YOU THAT!   Lest, they lose their job.  Fine, we can deal with that reality.  Our abundance mentality means we are more than ready to sit down with you in a non-intimidating format to answer any and all your questions about CrossFit and how CrossFit Dynamo can meet your goals!

The “No Sweat” introduction allows you to meet the head coach/owner and:

  • Discuss your goals,
  • Get a tour of our facility,
  • Receive a complimentary Functional Movement Screening to see where your mobility/flexibility is currently,
  • Understand our philosophy and methodology,
  • Discuss General Nutrition and the different diets you may have heard about,
  • Ask any questions you may have, and finally
  • Discuss a customized plan to help you reach them.

If it sounds like a plan AND ONLY THEN, we’ll take your current measurements, a BEFORE pic, and schedule a free workout session to show you we don’t mind earning your business.

Click the “Schedule Your Free Consult” button to your right to get started!