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  •  Take weight FIRST THING in the morning
  •  NAKED
  •  Post using the restroom
  •  Take photos FIRST THING in the morning.
  •  Wear as little as you are comfortable with
  •  Take FULL BODY photos
  •  If you do not have someone to take photos of you, set up your phone against something, tun on VIDEO, start recording, step back until you can see your whole body, stand facing the camera, hold for a second, turn sideways, hold for a second, turn away from the camera, hold for a second.  Then take SCREEN GRABS of them and BAM!  Full Body Photos.
  •  Use a non-stretchable tape
  •  Make sure the tape measure is level around your body and parallel to the floor
  •  Keep tape close to your skin without depressing it.
  •  Measurements should be taken daily for 14 days, then once a week moving forward.
  •  A buddy will make the process easier and smoother
  •  Measure in the same spot each time.