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Nutritional Services – The Dolce Way!

Nutritional Services – The Dolce Way!

Coach McKinney with founder of the program, Mike Dolce at his certification!

When it comes to meeting your fitness goals, half the battle, and sometimes the harder part of the battle, is found in your kitchen.  That’s because most need their daily meal plans spelled out for them!  Whether it be for:

  • cutting inches,
  • putting on lean muscle mass, or simply
  • finding better performance in the box,

most of us need a daily easy and varied plan that they can follow!

Enter the Dolce meal plans.  Whether you’re wanting to take off, put on, or simply want to move up the leaderboard in the box, the Dolce system can help by making the what you eat and when you should eat dead simple.

Backed and certified (literally by Dolce’s licensed dieticians) and our own Paleo guru and newly accredited Coach Matt McKinney, this 8-week program will help you reach your goals by:

  1. Initial 1:1 goal-setting consultation complete with measurements and work capacity benchmark
  2. Getting your customized 8-week Eating Plan that includes
    1. Your shopping lists for the cycle
    2. Your detailed eating plan for the cycle
    3. Weekly consulting
    4. Final results (measurements and work capacity)

After that, you are free to continue using your customized meal plan as you see fit!  It’s yours!  The plan is $500 for all of the above.

Contact Coach Matt or John for more information or to get signed up!


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