Team WoD for March 22nd, 2014

Group: 3 in 3

Inch Worms
Weighted sit-ups with partner
Medball twist hand-off with partner

MOB: Open up wrists for Bear Crawls

WoD: 7 RFT “Chase” WoD

In teams of two or three. One member starts the first movement and completes it. The next member of the team does the same movement while the first member goes onto the next movement. The catch: The lead member cannot start the next movement until the second member has finished the last movement.

Uneven Farmer’s Carry (short curb) (1.5/1.0 and 1.0/.75)
5 Tire Flips (2nd biggest / 3rd biggest)
60’ Bear Crawls
70 Flutter Kicks

MOB: Roll Posterior Chain, forearms / Lax Shoulders, Stretch abs

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