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2017 CF Dynamo Fall Newsletter!

Tons going on this Fall, here’s what’s up:

The 2017 Lean Body Mass Holiday Challenge!  

GetTankedOver the holidays, the majority of humans gain 7lbs of fat from all the different celebrations and sweets easily available!  To thwart that this year, we want to set some healthy habits BEFORE the holidays hit and give you all the support you need to not only maintain your hard earned gains from this year, but perhaps even see more during the holidays!  The Body Fat Testing truck is coming to CF Dynamo!  Friday, October 13th, 2017,  from 10:30am – 1:30p, and 4:30p – 6:30p.   This is the best technology for determining your body fat percentage, hydrostatic weighing, will be parked here.  We will once again put a challenge to each of you over the holiday season to maintain your lean body mass!   Sign up here!  Here’s how it will work:

The $160 (really $135 when you get your money back plus some!) Challenge will include:

  • two dunk evaluations, mid-October and mid-January,
  • a goal setting/accountable consult,
  • an hour long nutritional talk, external measurements, and further consulting (this year with help from Megan and more specific talk around the Zone Diet)!
  • Several nutritional guidance documents, and
  • A $25 investment into a pot of money from all those taking the challenge. Those maintaining their results or seeing improvement will have their percentage of the pot credited to their Dynamo account!  So, you have a way of getting fit and making some money at the same time!

For those of you that just want to get dunked and don’t feel you need help, we’ll open up slots, should any be available, after our Challengers have had a chance to enter!  Contact John to get your time slot set in stone!

Powerlifting and Gymnastics Classes are Back!

Powerlifting Classes ($100) – one hour class held M/W  10:30a and 7:30p, Oct 2 – Nov 29th (with a deload break Thanksgiving week!)  BurgePRs

Of the 10 components of fitness, strength, by far, lends itself to the other 9 more than any other.  This class has effectively:

  • Increased Strength,
  • Improved technique, and
  • Enhanced mobility

of those that have signed up and consistently come to it!  Arpana and Martin found huge PRs after their first cycles!

IMG_2092Gymnastic Classes ($100) – one hour class held Saturdays at 10:45a for one hour, September 30th to November 18th (finishing the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving).  This class will help you with efficient movement of your body and finding larger muscle groups to move your body!  Specifically, it will:

  • Increase your unbroken reps for pull-ups, T2B, C2B, Bar MUs, Ring MUs
  • Enhance your Body Awareness
  • Reduce hand rips, and
  • Get you comfortable being upside down and on the rings  IMG_2120

Did you know you can sign up for either or both of these classes yourself through the Zen Planner App on your phone?  Instead of reserving class, select the “Z”  for the drop down of choices, choose “Purchase” and then scroll down to the class membership you desire!  It’s just that easy!




Burpees for Turkeys!

AdoptASchool GroupPhoto

The coaching staff (hopefully) and I will once again be doing burpees for each and every canned good you bring in during our food drive benefiting the CannedGoodskids at Cumming Elementary whose parents won’t be able to afford food for them over the long Christmas holiday.   This is part of the “Adopt-a-School” program brought to our attention by our own Noel Coleman.  So, start stocking up on deals of non-perishables now so we can watch our pile grow starting November 27th , the Monday after Thanksgiving, and into the month of December.  On the 16th of December, bring your frozen turkeys as well in which we’ll be doing burpee muscle ups to show our gratitude!

We have a huge goal to beat this year, as we’ll be shooting for over a literal ton of  food and at least 2,500 non-perishables!

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