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The CF Dynamo August 2016 Newsletter!

So, it’s been a busy July for us at CFD, but we’re simply trying to kill it when it comes to making it easier to help you meet your specific goals and have fun while doing it!  We’ve got stuff in here to make you a smarter, more educated CrossFitter, a better/stronger lifter, and a chance to continue to strengthen our Community!  Here’s what’s going on this month and several months to come!

New Services

“New You” Challenge Registration starts.  This initial class is going to be a women’s-only class designed to get women who normally might not look at CF as an alternative, a very easy way to get started in it!  Wendy Thames has joined our team as one of our new Challenge leaders, so please welcome her next time you see her!   I’d also like to introduce a new position we’ve created to help our New You initiative.  It’s called the CFD Ambassador program and Megan, Kyla, and Caitlin will be our first ambassadors!  Thank you for helping supporting us ladies!

New Functional Movement Screening – in case you missed it last week, feel free to book an appointment to see if there’s any specific mobility you might be able to incorporate to make you better in the WoDs!  This is also a time to set some short term goals!  It only takes 15 minutes, so contact John to get started!

If you love CrossFit, but don’t know why, here’s some 90 second vids on the “why” that we cover as part of our Elements program

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit in 100 Words (more or less)

The 10 Components of Fitness explained.

The 3 Energy Pathways and how it plays with our Programming

The Intensity Threshold:  When it’s better to Scale than Rx

Our new mobility tools:

The “Vertical Peanut

The “Wedge

The new “Trapelizer

We’ve created a full playlist of mobility tips and tricks on our CF Dynamo You Tube channel.  Feel free to subscribe to it for all the latest vids we post!

Upcoming Events:

Oly Lifting classes started Tuesday, August 2nd, but you can still get in on it!  It’s not too late.  We can prorate the membership and get your Clean and Jerk and Snatch movements smoother and stronger!  Contact John to get signed up!

CF Pre-Kids, Kids, and Teens starts next Monday, August 8th!

OCR Cash-out Tuesdays – Expect a focus on grip strength and stamina at some point during the WoD or as part of a special cash out in prep for our November 12th race as a team!

World Wide Wod – Global Aftermath:   September 10th  This is a great first competition experience with divisions for every ability and work capacity!  Use the hyperlink to see the WoDs and sign up.  It’s done in the comfort of your own box to boot!

GG Junior Championships October 8th  Some of our Teens will be participating so come out and support this great day of watching the next generations put it on the line!

GG Master’s Tour  November 5th  Something for those a little longer in the tooth.  WoDs will take into consideration our “experience.”  😉

BattleFrog SeriesLake Lanier  November 12th    What I like about BattleFrog is you get better obstacles and not so much mud.  Mud shouldn’t make the obstacle harder, imho.  We’re getting a group together.   Come join us in the fun!  This race is scalable to your degree of fitness and it’s an excellent Community building day!

Yours in health,



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