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June 2016 CF Dynamo Newsletter

First, a note on hydration….

Cheat Sheet:

1 Gal of Water = 128 fl oz = 8.34lbs
1lb of water weight loss = 15.34 flu oz (approximately)

Here’s what’s going on this month at CFD!

Today, June 1st!  Our  Dynamo Pre-Kids, Kids, Teens programs kick-off with extended hours M/W/F!  Dynamo Pre-K (3-4) starts at 4:00p,  Dynamo Kids (5-11) starts at 4:40, and Teens at 7:30pm (6:30p on Fridays)  Semester prices are $200, $225, and $225 respectively.

June 7th – The 6-week Olympic Lifting cycle starts at 7:30p T/Th.  We saw great strides from our athletes taking this class in April/May!

June 25th – 4-year Anniversary Extravaganza

  • 0915  Bounce House should be upright and ready for play!
  • 0930  Start of our morning in-house competition
  • 1200 Double Elimination Dodgeball Tourney
  • 1300 Cookout! – Bring a side, Dynamo does the rest!

July 9th – Battle of the Ages Competition / Sawnee Mountain Trail Hike

As always, if you have any questions about when classes are “on”, please check the one calendar that rules them all.


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