Open WoD 12.2 for February 20, 2015

Warm up: Bergener Power Snatch with emphasis on starting position on the lift

WoD: 10’ AMRAP

Find someone to work with for this and determine who will go in the first heat. In two heats, judge one, do the other with your. Give enough time for Heat 2 athletes to get warmed up properly.  Mark time at the end of each 30 snatches.

30 Snatches (any style) 75/45 Scale) 45/35 Beg) 35/15
30 Snatches 135 / 75 Scale) 95/65 Beg) 55/35
30 Snatches 165 / 100 Scale) 115/80 Beg) 75/55
Snatches 210 / 120 as many reps as possible with time remaining Scale) 135/95 Beg) 95/65

Note:  You can only use one bar, but you can have your weights ready near it for your needed changes.

MOB: Roll Posterior Chain (big time)

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