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WoD for December 20th, 2012

Day 89 of the 100-Day Burpee Challenge

Group: 2 x 20’ Zombies
2 x 20’ Flamingos
10 Bird Dogs
10 Scorpions

MOB: Lax Plantar

Strength: Warm up lifts

WoD: 20’ EMOM
3 Deadlifts (225# / 135#)
6 KBS (1.5pd / 1.0pd)

Cash out: 15 – 20 Unbroken GHDs

MOB: Roll Posterior Chain

Coach’s Tip: Choose a weight you can handle with good technique for 20 minutes. Ends up being 60 deadlifts and 120 KBS, so choose wisely. You should have time to drop weight, if necessary during the rounds, however.

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