WoD for January 7th, 2012

Group: Burgener Warm-up

Review: Push Jerk

MOB: Front Rack mobility (Shoulder and Wrist)

WoD: For time “Grace” in honor of Tyler Peters Birthday…
In teams of two, one completes the work while the other counts and judges proper range of motion. Then, change places and repeat the workout.

30 Clean & Jerks (135# / 95#)

Cash Out: 5 Turkish Get-ups per arm (Moderately heavy but with perfect form)

MOB: Roll Posterior Chain

Coach’s Tips: Weight the bar so that this workout is done within 3 – 6 minutes. Be mindful as you start the work to not completely blow up with the first set of C&J. Drop the bar before you can’t do any more so that you can come back strong more quickly.

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