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WoD for June 17th, 2014

This is Richard’s last WoD with us until his return from Japan in a couple of years!  Come out to the 5:30p class to say good bye!

Group: 3 in 3
Inch worm (with push up)
Light KBS
Jumping Jacks

Strength: 15′ to find 4 x 4 Back Squats (Approx 83% of your 1RM Back Squat)

WoD: For Time

Exercise 1
• 2 rounds for time
o 250m row
o 15 KBS
o 10 pull ups

Rest for the time it takes to complete Exercise 1 ….. then immediately start Exercise 2

Exercise 2
• 2 rounds for time
o 30 wall balls
o 10 burpees

Rest for the time it takes to complete Exercise 2 …… then immediately start Exercise 3

Exercise 3
• 2 rounds for time
o 50 DUs
o 20 sit ups

MOB: Roll it all

Coach’s Tip:  After the first exercise, you will need to double your time to know your new starting time.  At end of the second exercise, you’ll need to subtract the time your started the exercise from the time you finished and add that to the end of the second exercise to know when to start your third exercise.  Call time at the end of the third exercise (after solving Pi to 14 decimal places…. just kidding)

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