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WoD for March 28th, 2015

Group: Based on the 1RMs you plan to go after, use the group-based WoDs from that WoD in the past two weeks to help direct you.  OR ask your coach.

WoD: Find up to 3 1RMs

At 10 minutes past the hour, coach will set a clock for 3 sessions of 15 minutes each. You can use these sessions to find 1RMs for the days you missed last week or this. You don’t have to use all the time, but last lifts must be made by 55 minutes after.  It’s important to know your 1RMs b/c much of our programming is based off those percentages….

If you’ve done all of them, feel free to set up a WoD you’ve missed and would like to hit.

MOB: Based on the 1RMs you went for, use the MOB from that day to help direct you or ask your coach…

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