WoD for October 17th, 2013

Warm up: 3 in 3
Air Squats
Jumping Jacks
Flutter Kicks

MOB: Wrists and shoulders

Strength: 1 RM Thruster Ladder (from ground) – form lines starting on one woman’s bar (35#) and one men’s bar (45#). After everyone has completed their thruster, Add 10# to each bar for each round until all participants have failed. You will be allowed to go to the back of the current round’s line to try a second time if you fail on the first attempt…

WoD: “Annie”


Double Unders a/b) 3x Singles c) 1x Singles
Sit-ups (with optional anchor today only!) c) .5 Sit-ups each round

MOB: Roll quads / calves, Lax Shoulders, stretch abs

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