WoD for November 10th, 2015

Group: 3 in 3
Russian Twists
Inch Worms (no push-ups)

Technique: Kipping Your Pull-ups

WoD: “Death by Pull-ups”

On the first minute finish 1 pull-up. On the second, two. On the third, three, etc. Continue until you can’t complete the number of pull-ups in the minute.

a) Lt Blue or Red Bands
b) Purple
c) Green or Blue Bands
Comp) C2B

Score = the last minute you were able to complete + pull-ups completed in the last minute you were active.

Cash out: Tabata Sit-ups

MOB: Roll lats / Stretch abs

Coach’s Tip: HINT: Tape your hands or wear gloves tomorrow, or you may rip.

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