Partner WoD for July 18th, 2018

Group Warm-up
Rowling – Partner up and each row 5 “frames” to 100m. Use cannot row after the 85m mark. Whoever is the farthest away (either less or more than) will do air squats in the number that they were more away. Example: If Partner A rows to 97m and Partner B rows to 104m, Partner A will do one air squat. Once the squats are done, play the next frame.

Proper Rowing Form

Daily WoD
5000/4500m PARTNER ROW
In teams of 2, switching as needed, row a total of 5000/4500m (4750m for a coed teams). You determine the strategy for when to switch, but try to switch as your rowing output degrades to get the best score!

Roll Posterior

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