Team WoD for June 6th, 2015

Group: 3 in 3
Light KBS
OH Squats with PVC
Jumping Jacks

WoD: GRID WoD #1 For Time Cap: 25 minutes.

This is the total amount of work. Only 1 person on the team works at a time. For GRID teams, you’ll stay behind a line while you wait and need to be tagged before you can run to the station to do your work.

You should choose the appropriate scale for each movement, rather than thinking you have to stick to one scale entirely for the workout.  For example, you should make the OHS as heavy as you can do without hurting a shoulder.  If you have C2Bs, you should use them.  Get the best workout you can get today!

50 Overhead squats (115/80lbs) Rx) 95/65 Scale) 75/55 Beg) 55/35
75 Kettlebell swings (2pd/1.5pd) Rx) 1.5/1.0 Scale) 1.0/.75 Beg) .75/.5
200 Double-Unders Rx) 175 Scale) 500 Singles Beg) 200 Singles
100 Chest to bar pull-ups Rx) Pull-ups Scale) Lighter Bands Beg) Heavier Bands

Score = time or if capped, Time + number of reps not finished.

MOB: Roll Posterior Chain / Quads / Lats, Lax Shoulders, Mash Achilles

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