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Team WoD for October 4th, 2014

Warm up: Junk Yard Dog

WoD: For time: In team’s of 2 or 3, you’re either working or standing on one foot while you rest. One other gotcha: at some point during the WoD, you will personally choose to do 25 extra reps of one the following movements: Box Jumps, KBS, KTE, WBS, or Burpees. Do them whenever you want during the WoD, but I suggest your partner do there’s at the same time…

50 Box jump (24”/20”)
50 Jumping pull-ups c) 25 Jumping Pull-ups
50 KBS (1/.75pd)
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press (45/35) from ground
50 Back extensions a) Supermans c) 20 Supermans
50 WBS (10/9) (20/14)
50 Burpees c) 25 Burpees
50 Double unders or 200 Singles (will be counted as Rx)

MOB: Roll everything…

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