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WoD for December 15th, 2014

Warm up: 3 in 3
Plank (from elbows)
Crab walk
Jumping Jacks

Strength: UB Strict Pull-ups

WoD: 18’ AMRAP*

Sandbag carry to back long curb and back (70/30) a/b) 30/15 (start from inside the main hall)
20” Ring L-Sit a) from plates b) Plank on hands c) plank on elbows
40’ Bear Crawl c) Lunge

*5 40’ Prowler Push (down 20’ and back) (135/95) a/b) 95/65

*3 Battle Ropes Complex (10 Side to Side, 10 Up and Down, 10 Up and Down Singles)

At some point during the WoD, do 3 sets of Battle Ropes and 5 sets of the Prowler

MOB: Roll Posterior Chain / Lax Shoulders

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