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WoD for November 26th, 2013

Day 65 of the CFD Burpee Challenge

Warm up: Agility Ladder

Strength: 15’ to find 1RM Front Squat

Review: GHD Movement

WoD: 5 RFT

3 Muscle Ups a) 9 Pull-ups/9 Ring Dips b) 3 Pull-ups/3 Ring Dips c) 9 Ring Rows / 9 Bench Dips
15 GHD a) 10 T2B b) 30 Sit-ups c) 15 Sit-ups
25 Air Squat a/b) 25 Air Squats c) 15 Air Squats

MOB: Roll Quads / Lats / Posterior Chain / Triceps; Stretch Abs with Cat Pose

Coach’s Tip: If you’re not doing 10 GHD’s as a part of your warm-up, please opt for your T2B or sit-ups

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