WoD for October 9th, 2013

Day 16 of the Burpee Challenge

Warm up: Agility Ladder

Review: Snatch Balance / KB Snatch

Strength: 15’ to find 1 RM Snatch Balance

WoD: 10 Rounds of 2’ EMOM

Row 100m
6 alternating KB Snatch (L+R=2) (1.5/1.0 pd) a) 1.0/.75 b) .75/.5pd c) <= .5/.25pd 10 Box Jumps (24”/20”) a/b) 20/16” c) < b Any time left on the 2 minute clock is yours to rest. On the 10th round, complete as many box jumps as you can. Score = Number of rounds completed + “extra” box jumps at the end. So, if you get all the round and 14 box jumps, your score is 10+4 Cash out: 15 GHD (if you’ve been approved by a coach on your movement on it!) or 30 Sit-ups MOB: Roll Posterior Chain / Lax Shoulders

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